The Lapdance, the Idea came from doing a fun sexy video, the style of Agent Provocateur. The Moral of the story is not to forget your girlfriend Birthday. This is something to do when theirs nothing to do.

Spy vs Spy

A short film I created, in Bangkok, Thailand. I started shooting this little video in 7 hours to use this footage help teach people how create and edit a short film with no or very limited budget and getting a few friends to help out. The worst was the fight scene, was much better than what you see, we had made a creative and coordinated fight scene, but some how it was corrupted on the memory card. A hard lesson to learn, so all we have left is the testing and screwing around footage. I think I still manage to make this video a little fun. 



Mama said Knock you out. 
A short video of a good friend's first Muay Thai fight in Bangkok, which she won!


Bangkok Beauties.
A behind the scenes look at my first photoshoot in Bangkok with these beautiful Thai models.

This thing I do....
My first true love, my passion, my fire.
What drives you everyday?

Blowing in the wind.
A behind the scenes of a hair Photoshoot in Bangkok, Thailand.