A New Beginning...

Bangkok. Here I stand within all its mystery. My new home for a while. I often refer to this city as the New York of Asia. This adult playground with its 24-hour parties, never takes a break, but I strongly recommend that you take a break from the partying and go on an adventure. The parties will still be going on when you come back. Go for a walk. Try it. I dare you. if you're lucky you might get a famous "Thai smile" from strangers, who knows?  You will get overwhelmed by many smells - good and not so good. Keep going. Don't be afraid of getting lost down a small road, it will lead you to a great discovery (FYI use common sense and you'll be ok).  One amazing feature you can see all around is the spirit of Bangkok adapting to this everchanging world,  ready to face what life throws at it.

How do I explain this city? Recently I spent the day in the slums of Bangkok, where I have never felt so welcome. It was like spending the afternoon with your grandma, eating her homemade cookies. They have barely enough money to buy food, and live in wooden shacks most of us would not even let our kids play in. Still they will give the shirts off their backs even though they know you can buy all the shirts you'll ever need. All this from a sweet elderly woman, who was once kicked out into the street by her husband with nothing and barely enough clothes to cover her body. Is she pissed off at the world? Of course not, because she can see what most of us never see, the beauty the world has to offer. So put down your Chang, Singha or Tiger, leave the ladies alone, skip the moon parties for a day and see what the world has to offer. It just might surprise you.