Long awaited

Two months ago I set out on one of the most daring adventures of my life. I sold all of my possessions to travel through South East Asia for a few months. A decision that was difficult, yet somewhat easy to make. Two months in, I am in Hoi An, Vietnam, a country who's beauty is diverse in its landsacpe, people and culture - the good and the bad. Back in Canada I was always a big fan of Vietnamese cuisine, but my first taste of Vietnam was making me wish I was eating their food back home! But in travelling North, the food - taste and quality - has increased by 20 million (and in Dongs too!). Outside of Vietnamese cuisine, Hoi An has some of the best pizza I ever had, in a restaurant called Good Morning Vietnam, owned and operated by an Italian man (no wonder the pizza is so good).

I have missed working on personal projects, but this adventure is giving me the time and opportunity to continue taking breathtaking pictures. Hope you enjoy.

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