A complete new way to eat coconut

While in Guam, I had the change to experience a local way of eat coconut, with Wasabi, and soy sauce. yes you see right. Honestly I really enjoyed it. I guess it the Island and Asian, Japanese influence.  

Wasabi, soy sauce and coconut.  

Wasabi, soy sauce and coconut.  

Back to paradise aka Guam

After experiencing a typhoon last month on my first visit to Guam. I have been invited by Guam Visitor Bureau, to experience the Guam Micronesia Island Fair, and Travel around the island to experience the beauty of Guam



Tumon Bay, Guam


Ritidian Beach, Guam


Agana Bay, Guam


AT the GMIF (Guam Micronesia Island Fair, local dancers.

From old to new

In a month I will have spent the last 4 years in the Bangkok, where I experienced more in the last 4 years then the last 30 years of my life. Met incredible poeple, able to shoot thing I could only dream of in Canada. Most recently shooting slow motion video, flying drones over the island and blue ocean. So I'm blogging again to bring you the amazing adventure this life brings. Hope this can inspire you to have your adventure. 


Hanging on a roof top in Bangkok.  

Hanging on a roof top in Bangkok.  

Hanging with friend Alita Pear. Testing the iPhone 6plus high speed camera.  

Hanging with friend Alita Pear. Testing the iPhone 6plus high speed camera.  

A New Beginning...

Bangkok. Here I stand within all its mystery. My new home for a while. I often refer to this city as the New York of Asia. This adult playground with its 24-hour parties, never takes a break, but I strongly recommend that you take a break from the partying and go on an adventure. The parties will still be going on when you come back. Go for a walk. Try it. I dare you. if you're lucky you might get a famous "Thai smile" from strangers, who knows?  You will get overwhelmed by many smells - good and not so good. Keep going. Don't be afraid of getting lost down a small road, it will lead you to a great discovery (FYI use common sense and you'll be ok).  One amazing feature you can see all around is the spirit of Bangkok adapting to this everchanging world,  ready to face what life throws at it.

How do I explain this city? Recently I spent the day in the slums of Bangkok, where I have never felt so welcome. It was like spending the afternoon with your grandma, eating her homemade cookies. They have barely enough money to buy food, and live in wooden shacks most of us would not even let our kids play in. Still they will give the shirts off their backs even though they know you can buy all the shirts you'll ever need. All this from a sweet elderly woman, who was once kicked out into the street by her husband with nothing and barely enough clothes to cover her body. Is she pissed off at the world? Of course not, because she can see what most of us never see, the beauty the world has to offer. So put down your Chang, Singha or Tiger, leave the ladies alone, skip the moon parties for a day and see what the world has to offer. It just might surprise you. 


Cure is opening Fantasia, for Jessica Biel's new movie Tall man!

Just got the news that Cure, the short film which I have credit as Director of Photography and Executive Producer (and uncredited stylist) is opening the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. I am really proud of Nick Lacelle, Director, Mike Marlow and the rest of the wonderful team of people that worked on this short film with me.


Screen Shot 2012-08-03 at 3.48.09 PM.jpg

Long awaited

Two months ago I set out on one of the most daring adventures of my life. I sold all of my possessions to travel through South East Asia for a few months. A decision that was difficult, yet somewhat easy to make. Two months in, I am in Hoi An, Vietnam, a country who's beauty is diverse in its landsacpe, people and culture - the good and the bad. Back in Canada I was always a big fan of Vietnamese cuisine, but my first taste of Vietnam was making me wish I was eating their food back home! But in travelling North, the food - taste and quality - has increased by 20 million (and in Dongs too!). Outside of Vietnamese cuisine, Hoi An has some of the best pizza I ever had, in a restaurant called Good Morning Vietnam, owned and operated by an Italian man (no wonder the pizza is so good).

I have missed working on personal projects, but this adventure is giving me the time and opportunity to continue taking breathtaking pictures. Hope you enjoy.

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Latest shoot bts

A behind the scenes video of my latest work from Shahnaz and make up artist Angie Reid. On this shoot I had help from a talented student, Diego for the camera work. 

Vice Cop: Detective Force: Action Squad vs The Mexican Bandit Elite

Vice cop: Detective Force is the latest shoot I did with some very talented people.  I got to wear many hats from shooting to post-production - adding bullets hits, lens flares and breaking glass. All this with the beauty of shooting on a RED camera. For those who don't know, District 9 and Inception was shot with a RED. I invite everyone to check it out, bts shoot be here soon.


Hell and back

Every photo is as is. No special lenses, or effects. Just sheer bravery or maybe just stupidity getting about 2 inches from the flames.


New background

A sneak peek of the my background I just finished building. Some doubted me...she will remain nameless...

photos of the final result to come.

_mg_1466 - version 2.jpg

New work

Hey all sorry about the lack of posts. Summer's here so trying to turn on my iMac as little as possible and enjoy the sun :) I did this shoot at red light studio with Josie, great model and so much fun and professional to work with.



The Underground

Hi all Finally The Underground trailer is released to the world. Shooting this TV show was a lot of fun and many frustrating days, but we made it happen.  I worked on this as DP (director of photography) and Assistant Director.