I am..

A Photographer
A Film Director
A Part-time Chef
A Full-time Computer Geek


Writing a bio is kind of like a first date with awkward, silent moments. This is my story in between those moments. Just like you I’m trying to leave my print in this world. Somewhere along the way of wanting to become a movie director, I picked up a camera at the pawnshop for $50.  For a few years fell in love with still images and found out I was pretty good at it.  Thanks to all the beautiful people that come in front of my camera, it has helped me become the person that I am. Sharing experiences, understanding different cultures, discovering someone’s story has helped me become more aware of my role as a photographer. Photography and cinematography, another passion of mine, is the way we entertain, inform, give clarity and even confuse our audiences. We often forgot the role we play in society, can inspire the new generation.

So my career history boiled down in a few sentences? I graduated from two Colleges with two diplomas: Cinema Studies and Photography. After graduating I moved to Miami, and even worked on a cruise ship…that was a trip. I moved back to Montreal, started doing work as a cameraman, video editor and even dabbled in web design. Fast-forward a bit to my work on a TV show…great reality check, but in an amazing way. Nothing like real-life experiences to find out what kind of man or woman you are. Moved to Ottawa, worked on a short film and educational TV show. Recently, I left the comfort of the Canadian open roads, to travel to South East Asia and live here, more precisely Bangkok aka Krungthep. While in Bangkok I found myself again, work as DP on Documentary covering the slums, Music Videos, Director Travel shows. Got to capture incredible images around South East Asia showcasing Heritage and Culture. Directed Live conference Global Tourism Economy Forum in Macau. Working with Pacific Asia Travel Association, I have chance to travel and shoot events, create promotional video and add campaigns for BBC, CNN and Times. I even got my hands on, directing an extreme slow-motion video for NEC.

If i stayed back home, those opportunity would not have happen. I left my comfort zone for an adventure of a lifetime, with the only regret that I did not do it sooner. Share your passion.

Live your dream. Because no one else can do it for you.